About proCARE Therapy


ProCARE Therapy Services is a rehabilitation company dedicated to providing superior physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology services. We have an accessible corporate structure that allows us to deliver exceptional personal service. ProCARE Therapy maintains management headquarters in the greater Little Rock area. ProCARE works in 40 skilled nursing facilities and provides outpatient services and multiple sites.
The ProCARE leadership team has exceptional clinical, managerial and regulatory depth and experience. We provide management solutions and inpatient rehabilitation services, and address regulatory, patient care and financial goals. ProCare’s dedication, experience and ongoing regulatory education allow us to navigate the challenges of today’s changing healthcare environment with you.


ProCARE Therapy Services is committed to providing quality rehabilitation services within a continually changing healthcare environment. Our mission is to help our patients achieve their maximum level of function by providing direct care that is informed, compassionate, responsible, and continually improving.
We know that we must provide more than direct care in order to reach our goals; we must partner with the greater healthcare community and the skilled nursing facilities that we serve in order to develop working programs and solutions. Healthcare and long term care are not static, but evolving. Likewise we must change and develop to meet each challenge.
ProCARE believes that the abilities of our therapists, our relationship with our clients, and the treatment of our patients must demonstrate excellence and be provided in an optimistic spirit of success.


ProCARE builds a culture: ProCARE has a culture of communication, training and support. A solid rehab team is integral to achieving your goals as a healthcare provider. Building the right culture, the right team, and providing consistent and available support to your team will bring patients back to you for quality care. We know this; more importantly, we will help you achieve this.
ProCARE improves your performance: We have a track record of improving facility performance by providing good clinical and regulatory education and support for therapists. We track your data regarding length of stay and outcomes. We support top therapeutic physical modality providers and continuing education.
ProCARE responds: ProCARE provides personal, trained, hands-on management; management is never simply a cog in a remote hierarchy. We are truly accessible. We work directly with therapists, with clinical RNs, case managers or your MDS coordinator, and we will answer their calls. We stay educated on key issues, and more importantly, we will work with your staff on these issues.